Thursday, March 2, 2017

FRIGID NYC | Review | Ain't That Rich

Kate Robards.
Ain't That Rich is a one-woman show about growing up in a white trash part of Texas. Orange, Texas, to be specific – a pretty small town, and (from the narrative) not one that you'd probably plan on visiting. Playwright Kate Robards performs her own show, which is presented as her real life story.

You might not know this from the advertising, but Ain't That Rich is a comedy. There're some deep themes in here, especially when talking about the impact that staying within an impoverished community have on those who turn to drugs, but what you're going to remember afterwards is laughing. A lot. Robards has a gift for turning ordinary events into comedy and an engaging delivery.

It's become vogue to make fun of the 1%; this play isn't about that per se, but it makes a lot of funny business from exploring the ways that we think about money.

Highly recommended.